Addicted to Oil

Edward Burtynsky: Oil Refineries #34 Houston, Texas, USA, 2004

Highways, chunky suburban houses, manufacturing plants and desolate oil refineries make-up the new Edward Burtynsky exhibit on display at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

For over a decade, the Canadian photographer traveled the world documenting how far humans will go to comprise the urban and rural landscapes for fuel. Oil is a collection of 55 colour landscape photographs that pose the question, “What will happen to us when it’s gone?”

Edward Burtynsky: SOCAR Oil Fields #10 Baku, Azerbaijan, 2006

The massive-scale, detailed photographs seem to answer that question with their eerily futuristic appearance. There are no human faces in these vast landscapes of excess, staying true to Burtynsky’s style. Here the light reflects on the cyclical process of oil production and distribution: the mechanics, waste, urban sprawl and motorways involved.

Edward Burtynsky: Nanpu Bridge Interchange Shanghai, China, 2004

Oil continues to change and control our world, and there appears to be no antidote to our oil addiction.

So before you run out of fuel, check out the exhibit, on display until December 13th.

-Otiena Ellwand

Edward Burtynsky: Oil Refineries #22 St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, 1999


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