Cathy McClure Turns Good Toys Bad


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It’s hard not to stop outside a toy shop, for a brief second of course, and smile at the little display of mechanical animals in motion. From barking and flipping little dogs to hopping bunnies, it’s a sweet moment of childhood reminiscence. 

Moss Gallery in NYC’s latest exhibition by Cathy McClure, flips that moment on its head faster than the little dog can bark.

McClure’s artwork is, put simply, deconstructed mechanical animals. She strips away the fake fur and plush lining and leaves only the plastic faces and metals springs, which she then casts in bronze. The effect is very good-toys-turned-bad a la Disney’s Toy Story.  

Whether you find McClure’s art whimsical or disturbing, it is certainly interesting. To view the exhibition in person, head over to Moss from Nov. 19 – Dec. 31.

-Alexa P Gray


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