Craving Climate-Change?

Gourmet food and climate-change are getting together in a new cookbook that the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries will release on November 29th.

The cookbook boasts recipes from well-known Danish chefs, including recipes from the two-Michelin Star rated-restaurant, Noma, in Copenhagen.

Noma Restaurant in Copenhagen. Photo courtesy of The Guardian

“Eating climate-friendly food does not mean that people have to sacrifice certain products. It is about the individual ingredients and eating food that is seasonal. We are thus publishing the cookery book, which is a help for everybody who would like to make good food at the same time as considering the climate,” said Eva Kjer Hansen, the Minister for Denmark’s Food, Agriculture and Fisheries department.

Serving up more than just recipes— the cookbook offers information on food production and CO2 emissions and tips on how people can eat in a more environmentally-conscious way.

The cookbook arrives just in time for the United Nations Climate Change Conference hosted in Denmark this December. Who knows? Maybe talks will get tasty.

-Otiena Ellwand

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