KAWS teams up with Kiehl’s for a cause

Skater kids are familiar with his art. Now the beauty-conscious will be too. Brian “KAWS” Donnelly used to squat in bushes to hide from police when spray-painting the sides of bridges and buildings. Things have changed, and he’s working with power brands like Nike, Marc Jacobs, and now Kiehl’s. For those who thought a graffiti artist and a skincare company couldn’t collaborate, KAWS is living proof it’s possible.

Since 1851 Kiehl’s has expanded the reach of its stores beyond New York. And now it’s giving back.  Kiehl’s has teamed up with the New York-based artist to create a limited edition version of its cult favourite Crème de Corps. The outside of the bottles feature an example of KAWS’s geometric tag art. The inside features the Vitamin A and cocoa butter-infused cream, perfect for moisturizing all over.

Crème de Corps, $26.50 8.4 fl. oz. Image courtesy of Kiehl's

All net profits from sales of the limited-edition body creams will benefit RxArt, a non-profit organization that aims to put more contemporary art in hospitals. Kiehl’s joins the likes of Shiseido, who also worked with an artist earlier this month to raise funds for RxArt. The organization hopes to spark patients’ creativity and ultimately relieve stress or anxiety.

You can buy the product either online or in stores now while supplies last.

-Michael Huynh

Images: kiehls.com

An example of KAWS's artwork. Image: Flickr

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