Hendrix and Mozart Inspired Opera House to be Built in Munich

Munich’s Pavilion 21 Mini Opera Space will be a thing of beauty—inside and out.  COOP HIMMELB(L)AU’s newly announced design will play with both sight and sound to create the perfect structural addition to the 2010 Opera Festival.

Principal designer and CEO of the firm, Wolf D. Prix unveiled the innovative design this week at a press conference in Munich. “Though one of the firm’s smaller projects it is one of the more exciting ones we are working on,” said Prix

Prix is right about the excitement surrounding the project. The sharp shapes of the building itself were inspired by a combination of rock legend Jimi Hendrix and opera legend Amadeus Mozart. Sound bites from the Hendrix classic “Purple Haze” and Mozart’s Opera “Don Giovanni” were combined and parametrically transformed to inspire the Pavilion’s angular pyramid formations.

image from worldarchitecturenews.com

The result is a stunning translucent-white reflective mass of triangles and severe lines that make up the Pavilion.  It is almost reminiscent of a very angular Sydney Opera House. Instead of curves, Prix and his team designed the points of the angles to jut out towards the sky. The different sizes and angles create interesting combinations that add to both the beauty of the appearance and acoustics. It emits a futuristic look while still maintaining elegance.

The design goal was to create an area with a unique soundscape, not only do the multiple pyramids pay homage to some greats, they are also intended to give the sound  more surface space, and reflect it back, hence creating fantastic accoustics.

With room for up to 300 guests, The Pavilion will showcase the Bavarian State Opera throughout the festival.  Another great aspect of the Pavilion, is i will be completely portable, hence able to bring great sound wherever it goes.

In addition to the astounding Pavilion, COOP HIMMELB(L)AU is currently planning construction for opera and concert halls in China, Denmark and Spain.

-Emily English

image from designboom.com


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