The Germans get some sexy

courtesy of Dezeen

It’s hard to believe that simple brick and mortar help build such an aesthetically pleasing building like ‘Stecklhorn 11’ by J.Mayer.H architects. Located in the old centre of Hamburg,Germany the space looks like it should be home to plays, an opera house or dance studio; but it’s simply an office space.

courtesy of Dezeen

The building is triangular in shape and stretches across the city block showing its narrow 1.3m width  to face to the harbour and its main façade about 26.4m to be showcased towards Steckhoern street. The intense dark coves shield the doors and the curvaceous lines that hug the mirror-like-windows.

The ground level will be the home of a spacious lobby or public café (please make it a public café so visitors could spend time inside). The upper floors showcase stunning views of the city and the top floor will offer a roof-top terrace offering glorious panoramic view of Hamburg.

courtesy of Dezeen

It’s a sexy building, and just waiting to be inhabited.

Even if visitors are not allowed inside of the building because of its inhabitants, isn’t it just enough to look at.


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