You’ve got Helvetimail

For those who want to take control of the text their eyes focus on, several web geniuses have come together and invented some tools for the typographically inclined. Design, after all, is about every single detail, even the smallest serif on the smallest letter on the smallest word.


Helvetimail is an application that changes all the onscreen words in your Gmail account into a clean, evenly-spaced canvas that’s refreshing and easy to read. Gone are the days of loud, ugly themes and fonts that burn your eyes

You can even turn your Twitter feed into a Helvetica haven by using the Helvetwitter software that’s also available. Josef Richter invented these apps to bring a sense of simplicity to sites he thought had strayed from their bare-bones typography approach.

Helvetica celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2007, which also marked the premiere of the documentary of the same name by Gary Hustwit,  at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas. Companies like American Apparel, Evian, Toyota and Comme des Garçons all use this typeface as part of their corporate identities. Helvetica revamped advertising and is considered one of the the most important fonts of our time. Many typographers and designers have also said there’s no way possible to improve the font’s appearance and legibility.

Helvetica is found everywhere.

Also check out, a website that’s essentially a collection of anything with the font on it. A favourite example: A t-shirt that says, “HEL-FUCKING-VETICA” on it.” Helvetica. Hell yeah!!!

-Michael Huynh


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