Tattoos Get a Futuristic Makeover

Technology is continually evolving and improving upon what already exists.  Cell phones are now smart phones, DVDs are now blue rays, and tattoos are now – moving? Body art is the latest thing to receive a wild technological makeover.


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Researchers University of Pennsylvania have created the technology that could literally turn our skin into screens. Implantable LED-carrying chips will make this crazy concept possible. The silicon chips are tiny – only 1 mm long and 250 nanometres thick – and are held in place by silk, which will eventually biodegrade into the body. The lab mice who have tested the chips have shown no irritation.

The primary use of this bizarre technology is medical, for example being able to show a blood sugar reading on one’s arm. The world of body art, however, could experience some shocking changes as this science progresses. No longer would bad tattoos of our younger foolish days  be front and centre, instead we could have ever changing skin display thanks to these implantable LED chips.


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This new tattoo technology could potentially bring about a number of possibilities. The future may let you watch your favourite television show on the back of your hand or have human billboards walking around flashing new ads in your face via their faces every twenty seconds. Freaky stuff.

But is this taking it a bit too far? What about computer glitches? Scary and strange stuff…but is that what people may have said about walkmen 30 years ago??

Electronics giant Philips has already caught onto the craze, coming up with a video showing some potential and quite sexual uses of the moving tattoo.

-Emily English


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