Architecture meets Fashion

A new store has opened. Ladies, we have yet another place to shop for shoes. United Nude has teamed up with Rem Koolhaas, the world renowned architect, and opened up shop in Amsterdam. It’s a brilliant combination of innovative design and architecture, no surprise here.

courtesy of Wallpaper

Dutch-born Koolhaas and English shoemaker Galahad JD Clark established United Nude six years ago. United Nude’s flagship store has opened up just a few days ago, and it’s about time as their shoes have appeared on the shelves of over 30 cities worldwide.

courtesy of Wallpapper

The interior was designed by Koolhaas, and is based on the same principles that govern the collection, elegance, innovation and conceptual design.  The designer shoes are highlighted under single geometric display ‘Wall of Light,’ which is a design focus throughout the store.


courtesy of Wallpaper

Aside from the lit wall, the store is completely dark. Two more store will opening in Shanghai and New York in 2010.

-Melissa Robinson


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  1. Jessica H

    I can’t wait till the store in New York opens… OH MY GOD! I am in love with UNITED NUDE!

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