Fashion Disaster: Round Two


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Bad news to anyone who appreciates great fashion.

Even after all of the well deserved criticism of the last line she advised on, Lindsay Lohan is staying on as artistic advisor to fashion house Emanuel Ungaro

Yes. We’re being serious.

With bra tops and stripper-inspired nipple pasties dominating her last attempt, it’s no surprise the clothing was a fashion disaster. Lohan may have been brought on to the label due to her extensive experience designing ‘couture leggings’ (we’re hoping you picked up on the sarcasm), but we think high-end fashion may not be her strength.

Yes, we understand having Lohan affiliated with a brand will create buzz, and yes, we know Ungaro wanted a jolt of youth, but this is fashion we’re talking about, not an L.A. club opening. 

And, first mistake aside, hasn’t Ungaro received enough media attention yet?

So why haven’t they cut their losses and moved on?

Seriously, we want to know, what are they thinking!? 


– Alexa P Gray


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One response to “Fashion Disaster: Round Two

  1. Yaknow

    Ungaro’s sales have probably increased dramatically due to the media attention. Now more people than ever will view the next season to see this trainwreck in action.

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