James Turrell’s display of light

courtesy of Wallpaper

A jarring display of light, perspective and space is part of artist James Turrell’s current exhibition on display at the Kunstmuseum in Wolfburg, Germany from October 2009 to April 2010. It’s nothing short of amazing.

courtesy of Wallpaper

The viewer/participant melts into the installation from above using a steep slope, and then walks down into a ray of light. The images alone are dramatic and give off a sense of Nirvana through LED lights. The colours vary from blue, grey, orange, pink and then red within the space.  As figures float in and out of the space they become a part of the art by casting shadows as distorted shapes across the space.

The exhibit creates a mood and feeling simply using colour, music and light; giving weight to an otherwise airy space. His main piece is the “Roden Crater,” a recreations of an extinct volcano that has been evolving within his art since 1974.

courtesy of Wallpaper

The Los Angeles native has a background in the academic world. He’s studied math, psychology and sensory synaesthesia (definition: when hearing sounds allows you to visualize colour). Who even knew that they had such a course?  He is constantly travelling and discovering art in what some would find completely ordinary.

-Melissa Robinson


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