On the bright side, the flu can be fashionable!

Everyone is sick of the flu. There’s nothing fun about shots, hand sanitizer or reading about it in the news every single day.

But if the fear mongering does turn into reality, then you might as well be fashionably prepared.

Marjan Kooroshnia, a Swedish textile-design student has turned the sterile medicine masks into wearable pieces of art. The masks protect you from germs and the thermochromic ink changes colour when your breathing temperature rises, giving others ample warning when you might be potentially contagious.

Mask designed by Marjan Kooroshnia

Kooroshnia says that the masks are also for fun, “using different patterns for masks might be suitable for different people, from the aspect of beauty and color,” she says.

So now if you do get the flu, at least you’ll be stylish!

-Otiena Ellwand

Mask designed by Marjan Kooroshnia


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