Paris Meets Shanghai: Grand Opening!

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Is anyone else surprised that a place known as “The Paris of the East” hasn’t been able to boast a Chanel store until now? November 25th to be exact.

We are. But we’re also equal parts excited. It seems Karl Lagerfeld is making up for lost time with the grand opening of Shanghai’s first Chanel store, today. 

The new space, located on Shanghai’s historic riverfront promenade and designed by architect Peter Marino, is modeled after the the Paris apartment of Mademoiselle Chanel herself. The boutique will have a residential feel which will be attained through the combination of hand picked art and antiques as well as highly refined store decor. Artwork by french artist Jean-Michel Othoniel has also been commissioned to be displayed. The overall experience is one of upmost luxury. Surrounded by beauty customers will be able to relax on couches as individual items are brought too them, rather than jostling around with other shoppers. Peter Marino confirms the store is the epitome of “Comfort, quiet elegance, timelessness. The chic of Chanel.”

The most exciting part? Lagerfeld has designed a line of Chinese inspired items exclusive to the Shanghai store. From the signature quilted bag to tweed jackets, and everything done up in red with gold accents, the line is sure to be highly coveted. 

We want one of everything.

– Alexa P Gray

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