Art That’s Good Enough to Eat

Prudence Staite’s art is fun, often beautiful, and… edible. This U.K. based artist is throwing traditional mediums out the window and creating her wares entirely of food.

Most recently, she was commissioned by Disney to recreate scenes of the classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to promote the re-release of the film. She fittingly created the scenes entirely (as you might have guessed) out of apples.  Considering the medium, the detail is incredible. Check out, Dopey’s face.


image from


Her Andy Warhol inspired portrait of Marilyn Monroe is made entirely of smarties. Not sure if you’d want it on your wall or in your belly, but either way its sure to please.

image from



Staite can make almost anything out of food. Her website boasts designs that range from entire chocolate rooms to life-size food sculptures. Her food art can be shipped internationally and Staite will hand make anything to order.


image from



I’m adding chocolate sculpture of Brad Pitt to my Christmas list. I always thought he looked good enough to eat.

-Emily English


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