A solid scent from Diptyque

If you’re sick of spritzing eau de parfum in the air and then quickly running through it to avoid overwhelming those who walk by with scent, Parisian fragrance house Diptyque has the answer for you.

The perfect holiday gift? Though Diptyque, which three friends started in 1961, is mostly known for its scented candles, it just released two fragranced salves or unguents.

The first is L’Ombre dans L’eau, which delivers vigorous notes of black currant foliage sap, bergamot, and Mandarin orange. Damask rose, ambergris and musk arouse the senses while adding a touch of delicacy to this concoction.

Diptyque solid perfumes, 4.5 g, sell for about USD$48.00 Image: courtesy of Diptyque

Philosykos has a Mediterranean flair. Think of the Greek Islands on a warm summer day. The scent is predominantly that of Grecian fig trees and other woody notes.

Spreadable scent is nothing new; women in ancient Egypt used to immerse crushed roses in wax-based salves. Macerated roses were worn in a cone on their head, where body heat melted the cones’ fat base and trickled rose-scented oil down the neck and face.

We don’t suggest rubbing Diptyque’s solid scents all over your head. Now that fragrance is available at your fingertips, it’s better to keep these tins in your purse. Rub them on pulse points when you need that extra boost of aromatherapy. And exhale.

Visit DiptyqueParis.com to locate a store near you.

-Michael Huynh


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