Blakroc Equals Black Gold

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Rap and Rock don’t mix easily. Sometimes when forced together they spawn an atrocious mix that resembles oil and water. But, when you do find that balance, where they can co-exist with one another, the out come can be heavenly. Let’s take for example the efforts made by Run DMC and the Aerosmith, they fused together their genres and out popped some serious innovation.  But what is the equivalent in 2009? Blakroc,  the brainchild of Damion Dash, and Dan Auerban Patrick Carney of The Black Keys.

Blacroc’s birth took 11 days with a series of recording session in New York.  Heavyweight rap artists such as RZA, Raekwon, Mos Def banged out rhymes to accompany the overzealous drums and raw guitars of The Black Keys.  The collaboration was completely documented, with studio footage showcasing the musical process of these two groups, which can be found at

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Mos Def’s offering, On the Vista gives an overall feel of what can be expected from this project. This album can do no wrong, it’s bold, compelling, beat driven and completely magical. It brings back the rejoining of rap and rock, successfully.

Those who have been waiting or are just hearing about the project are in luck, the album was released on November 27th, “Black Friday” the day after American Thanksgiving.

-Melissa S. Robinson


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