SpongeBob SquarePants X Karl Lagerfeld

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea after being dressed by Karl Lagerfeld? Maybe he should move to New York’s Upper East Side now that he’s a Lagerfeld lovely. Chanel’s head designer created this spiffed-up plushie version of the 10-year-old cartoon sponge for a recent auction for the World Wildlife Fund in Paris at the Pavillon de l’eau Nov.26. And it’s a good thing – SpongeBob got the highest bid at €1,000 (about USD$1,500).

SpongeBob dons his usual huge smile and freckles with arms wide open. Instead of the usual white shirt, red tie, square beige cropped pants and black round-toe shoes he’s so fond of, Kaiser Karl has dipped him in gold, put fingerless gloves on his hands, wrapped a high starched white collar around his body accessorized with a skinny black tie, and put some thigh-high black boots on his feet. No athletic socks pulled high in sight!

SpongeBob belongs backstage at any Chanel show now... Image: WWD

Altogether the WWF raised about USD$11,000 with the help of other French celebrities, like Inès de la Fressange, who autographed iconic objects linked to “Bob l’éponge” as they call him.

The Pavillon de l’eau was the site of a SpongeBob-themed exhibit about water preservation (real sponges help clean ocean waters).

Hopefully Spongebob’s fellow cast members will all get designer makeovers too. But how does one tailor a suit for a starfish?…

-Michael Huynh

Cartoon art imitating art at the Pavillon de l'eau's exhibit. Image: Pavillon de l'eau


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