Hudson’s Bay Company collection Launch


Erdem for Hudson's Bay Company


Last night we attended the launch of the Hudsons Bay Company collection. This new brand is a fusion between historical and modern Canadian lifestyle and the launch showcased items from the new line which will be available in January. The line contains a variety of items including flannel shirts and scarves to cute t-shirts based on the traditional HBC Point Blanket design.

New collection aside, the main attraction of the event was The Hudson’s Bay Company collaboration with leading Canadian designers in order to create one-of-a-kind coats out of the Point Blanket. The resulting coats were on display at the event and the designs ranged from an ankle length victorian inspired over-coats designed by Comrags to an adorable of-the-season hooded jacket by Smythe. There were also coats designed for men with Krane producing a classic knee length jacket and Klaxon Howl creating a great 1950s letterman inspired bomber with recycled leather sleeves (it’s the exact jacket we picture our ideal boyfriend in). 

We’re hoping the feedback on the coats was overwhelming enough that the Bay will turn these one-of-a-kind creations into seasonal staples. 

Needless to say, the evening made us very proud to be Canadian.

– Alexa P Gray

Smythe for Hudson's Bay Company


Krane for Hudson's Bay Company


Klaxon Howl for Hudson's Bay Company


Comrags for Hudson's Bay Company


Hudson's Bay Company collection Flannel Shirts by Klaxon Howl


Hudson's Bay Company collection T-Shirts by Shared



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4 responses to “Hudson’s Bay Company collection Launch

  1. brobinson

    I need a Klaxon Howl Shirt and the Krane jacket…amazing.

  2. Protographer

    Klaxon Howl!!!

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  4. upc

    Love the Krane coat for Men and the Smythe for Women!!!

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