Who Said Chivalry Was Dead?


Image courtesy of purplepr.com

Would you expect anything less than a commitment to the highest quality from a pop-up-shop named The Modern Gentry? We wouldn’t and the shop certainly doesn’t disappoint in anything, from the clothing, the design or the furniture. 

The temporary shop, which is open only until December 5th, combines three of the most respected and sought after brands in London: E Tautz menswear, Hannah Martin jewelry and Lodger bespoke footwear. This one off collaboration is borne of a commitment to the “creation of gentlemen’s requisites that are made with integrity and are made to last”. 

The shop itself is is dominated by a stunning light fixture designed specifically for the shop by London-based designer Yorgo Lykouria. LED lights illuminate pieces of Hannah Martin’s jewelry that are suspended within the structure. 

The shop is open to the public and provides the ideal opportunity to have a personal consultation from one of the three brand owners. 

For anyone in London, this is must. Especially for those in need of a holiday present for a gentleman of refined taste.

– Alexa P Gray


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