Paperdoll Fashion Show

Do you have a fashion junkie on your Christmas shopping list?  Danielle Meder’s book of paper dolls may be the perfect gift you’ve been searching for.

You may have thought paper dolls couldn’t be fashionable past the age of seven, but Meder’s dolls are your average cutouts.

image from

Her book contains paper dolls and cutout clothing from Toronto’s LG Fashion Week.  Seventeen dolls, 15 designers, and 60 items of clothing accessories make for one fun little book.

Meder’s creation will allow the fashion lover to mix and match different outfits from different designers and re-live and re-love all their favourites from the Spring/Summer collections shown in Toronto just a few months ago.

image from

The book is available through Meder’s website, the final fashion blog.  She’s also running a contest to see who can create the best paperdoll outfit using her recreations.  The winner will receive a free book.

The book is cute, fun, and Meder’s artwork is detailed and delightful

-Emily English


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