Sporty and Stylish Designs from Chanel for 2010

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Athletic and couture are rarely used in the same sentence, but Chanel has combined the two in their new sport collection.

This powerhouse designer label is now bringing style to slopes, seas, courts and courses everywhere with its new line of beautiful sports equipment.

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Although Chanel is best known for clothing and accessories, its foray into athletics still exudes the brand’s classic style. The golf bags feature Chanel’s famous quilted pattern and the same design is  mimicked on the smooth front of a snowboard. The simple but bold designs give the equipment a sense of the Chanel timelessness.

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The collection includes surfboards, snowboards, golf clubs, dumbbells, tennis rackets and even a boomerang.

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These cool and classy designs could make even the clumsiest athlete look good.

-Emily English


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One response to “Sporty and Stylish Designs from Chanel for 2010

  1. oakenteat

    It is so sad, but I wish I could surf, just to warrant owning one of those boards.

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