Geometry, Art and Shoes

It’s often said everything old is new again, but that is just not the case with Sao Paulo Brazil shoe designer, Andreia Chaves. Everything she creates is original, fresh and jaw-dropping, to say the least. Her imaginative use of hard lines and geometric shapes, with unexpected materials, makes us all sorts of giddy.

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“The Invisible Shoe” was the first of her artist creations that we spotted. It is made from fused geometric shapes, with mirrored surfaces, creating a deceptively ‘invisible’ optical illusion no matter where the wearer stands.

Image from

“The Form & Texture Shoe” is made up of a collage of wooden cubes and squares of matching tan leather. The beauty of the shoe is in the perfect balance between chaos and structure.

Image from

“The Twirled Shoe” is a work of art made up of metal and PVC. Created as a part of a study of optical effect the shoes look like something that belongs on Abode Illustrator, which makes it even more exciting to think they are in fact most at home on your feet.

Chaves is currently focusing on her final collection – an exploration about the moving body – which is to be presented in February 2010.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

– Alexa P Gray


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