Skullptures by Jim Skull

Skulls are sort of a subcultural trend in fashion, appearing in mostly punk, goth and pirate costumes (not to mention cute Tim Burton-inspired paraphernalia). Designers like Alexander Mcqueen regularly use them as motifs in accessories and jewellery. But one artist, who goes by the appropriate moniker “Jim Skull,” is making a living off of them.

He’s devoted his whole life to making skulls into pieces of art. Skull uses different materials to create sculptures of, you guessed it, skeleton heads. Rope, yarn and papier mâché are all media he’s experimented with to create these intricate craniums.


Image: Design Boom

Most of these skullptures look like fancy, if not morbid, lamp stands. The skull is propped up on a long rod with material spewing out of the mouth or eye sockets. It’s certainly a dramatic way of presenting things.

Skull was born in Koumac, New Caledonia, but is now based in Paris, France. He found his calling to create this innovative art form at the Applied Art School Olivier-de-Serres in France, where he created his first skulls.

“Contemporary art, African, Oceanian, Amerindian, popular, religious…multiple passions and a melting-pot of influences,” is how he describes his work.

The fashion world seems to have influenced Skull, who based one of his objets d’art on Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, the result of which was a colour-saturated, geometric skull reminiscent of de la Prada’s cheerful collections.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada skull Image: Design Boom

It would be interesting to see how Skull would interpret other designers into his art. A Calvin Klein skull would surely be minimally decorated; a Pucci skull would have crazy zig-zags and swirls of colour.

It looks like skulls aren’t a dead trend after all.

-Michael Huynh


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