Climb these Saucy Stairs

We grudgingly walk up and down them every single day in the hopes of burning a few extra calories. They get us from one level to the next in a relatively short distance. They’re typically mundane. Lets be honest, who gives stairs a second thought?

Well, architects do. They must think about the material, colour, shape and how much space the stairs take up. How will they attach to the wall? How much space will be between each step?

The following architects have been so innovative and imaginative with stairs, that we can’t help but wonder, why aren’t all stairs like these ones?


Hidden from view from the main reception room, this secret staircase doubles as a bookshelf. Designed by Tom Sloan at Levitate Architect, the staircase provides this Victorian apartment in London with some nifty storage space.


Floating box stairs designed by Guido Ciompi for The Gray Hotel in Milan.

These stairs lead up to the Longchamp store in New York. The 55-ton staircase took six months to build and looks like rolling strips of ribbon. The staircase was designed by Heatherwick Studio.

This staircase, designed by Roberto Semprini, was inspired by the natural shape and smoothness of river stones. The stairs are actually made out of polished concrete blocks. Unfortunately, these stairs don’t actually lead anywhere, they were on display in Milan to show that something as functional as stairs can be artwork as well.

This slide/staircase is fun for the whole family. London architect Alex Michaelis installed the slide next to the stairs at the request of his children and now he says, “We tend to have a lot of the kids’ friends around— they’re here perhaps more than at some of the other parents’ homes,” Michaelis said.

-Otiena Ellwand


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