Absolut Creativity

We don’t usually report on commercials, especially ones that are a few months old, because let’s face it, most of the time when we see commercials we simply tune out. We take the opportunity to go the bathroom, grab a snack, or simply change the channel. But, every so often there is an ad spot that grabs your attention and you actually want to watch it.

Absolut Vodka is the company that has provoked this post in favour of good ads. The company commission artists from around the world to spell out Absolute Vodka’s philosophy in it’s Absolut Anthem spot released in July. The one-minute spot is better than any commercial we have seen as of late, and one we don’t mind watching again.

It’s always nice when you see a deviation from the norm, and most commercials that flood our screens are for the most part lack luster. But there are exceptions.

Take for example the Sony Bravia ads from a few years ago; they were artistic, full of life, and whimsical with exploding paint, bouncing balls flooding the San Francisco streets or little bunnies popping up everywhere. These ads were beyond successful; millions of people watched them on purpose on youtube.com

Cadbury has also had this kind of success with the drumming gorilla ad, and more recently with the little kids with the crazy eyebrows.


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