Design for the Love of Food

Food and design go together like silky chocolate and fine wine: a perfectly complementary pair.
Foodies tend to love design and vice versa. So it would make sense that treats for both flood the market. But designer Ji Hyun Ryou is out to Save Food From the Refrigerator. After doing some extensive research Ryou found that that we hand over the responsibility of taking care of food to the technology, the refrigerator specifically. We don’t observe the food anymore, and don’t understand how to treat it.

So Ryou decided it was time to take a step in the right direction for the sake of food and created a few simple but ingenious designs to better preserve or fruits of the earth…

First up the Apple and Potato holder
The ethylene gas produced by apples keeps potatoes from sprouting.

Next up the Night Shade Shelf with water tray,
It keeps them fresher than the fridge

And now the Egg Shelf
Complete with water glass to test freshness, a fresh egg will sink and remain horizontal
The umpteen tiny holes on the surface of an eggshell allows odors from other foods to be absorbed, so keeping them out of the fridge will ensure their tastiness.
Image from

And finally the root Vegetable shelf…
Storing root vegetable upright keeps them fresh and the glass funnel is used to keep the sand moist.

All in all we have to say this is a pretty great project for more info check out Ji Hyun Ryou’s blog where you can read her thesis.


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