Rodarte hits the Target

Rodarte @ Target image from

It’s all true. Rodarte is the latest in the realm of high end designers, including Anna Sui, Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier among other to sell its wares at Target.

As of Sunday December 20, 2009 fashion lovers who may not be heavy in the pockets can enjoy designs from the talented sisters  of Rodarte. The collection consists of a variety of dresses, jackets, separates, tights, and of course the much coveted accessories.

And the Rodarte ladies, did not play it save with this one. There is plenty of sequin, tulle, animal print and lace.

Rodarte @ Target image from

Rodarte @ Target image from

This is a collection any fashion fan will be happy to wait in line to get their hands on. Rodarte has gained some much deserved notoriety over the past year for it’s innovative and youthful designs, especially with the spiderweb type tights and garments. The ladies of Rodarte also ventured into a little film making, which you can see and read about in the latest issue of CHEEK.

Rodarte @ Target Image from

So fashion fans, we encourage you to run, not walk to the closest Target store. The collection will only be available until January 31, 2010, and with prices in the lower end of the spectrum, $10-$100 USD, it’s sure to fly out the door, especially in the holiday season.

Our suggestion, treat yourself to this one!



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2 responses to “Rodarte hits the Target

  1. QueenJustine

    I LOVE Rodarte! I fell in love with the long sleeve leopard print dress they designed for the Target collection, it inspired me to write a profile on the duo on my blog

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