Unadulterated Art & Design!

A room adorned from floor-to-ceiling in colourful quilts, another designed like a child’s fort, and another with milk crate chairs and tables.

Photo: comeuptomyroom.com from the 2005 exhibition

These are just some of the top picks of the past seven years from the alternative design event, Come Up to my Room, held at The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto.

This year the show will feature over 50 artists/designers, some of whom will be creating work for public spaces within the hotel’s second floor, while others take on one of 11 of the hotel’s private bedrooms.

Designers are given full-reign to make their wildest design/art dreams come true. Each are selected based on the merits of their previous work, and the curators are not allowed to see the rooms until the show starts on January 21, 2009. So get ready for pure unadulterated art and design!

If this show stretches the boundaries as much as previous years, it’s sure to be a success!
Come up to my Room is one of many events that will be held during the week of January 20 to 24 as part of the Toronto International Design Festival. Check back here for more highlights of the festival!
-Otiena Ellwand

Photo: comeuptomyroom.com from the 2006 exhibition

Photo: comeuptomyroom.com


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