The 3D TV Experience

As HD and blu-ray become old news, manufacturers need the next thing to tantalize our technology taste buds and it’s looking like they’ve found just that in 3D TV for the home.

With Avatar still selling out in movie theaters everywhere, it is evident that the extra dimension and the special effects that come with it is very popular with viewers the world over.

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LG and Panasonic are both set to release new televisions with 3D technology this year, making it possible to enjoy such experiences at the homestead.  As if we didn’t spend enough time on the couch, thanks for making it that much more appealing.  Magnetic 3D is even developing “autostereoscopic” technology that will allow viewers to enjoy the third dimension without the nuisance of sporting bulky glasses.

3D isn’t forecasted to stop there either.  Technology researchers are predicting that the technology will soon make it’s way to our mobile phones, digital cameras and laptops as well.  It’s expected to be a 22 billion dollar (US) business by 2018.  So if you pop the money out of your wallet, you can expect shows, pictures, and websites to pop out of your screen.

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-Emily English


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