Back To The Future

Gramophone, it’s time to meet the ipod. Ipod meet the Gramophone, an ancient ancestor.

Though perhaps this isn’t how the initial introduction may have gone when industrial designer Matt Richmond found a 1920’s Magnavox at an antique shop, it’s an interesting fusion nonetheless. Especially with TV going HD 3D and phones getting smaller and smarter, items such as this serve as a creative reminder of our technological roots to combine with our technological advances.

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The iVictrola is the best of both worlds, it combines the aesthetic of the roaring 20’s with the spiraling technology of today. It even incorporates energy efficiency—it doesn’t require batteries or electricity. Instead, it relies purely on acoustics. The ipod is simply inserted in the walnut dock, and the sound travels through a hole and is amplified as it exits through the horn.

image from

While the lo-fi quality isn’t much to boast about, the iVictrola is a recycled vintage companion to a mass produced symbol of the 21st century.

Best served with moonshine and flappers.

-Elli Stuhler


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  1. Thats authentically an alarming gadget to receive in my collection. Does somebody have aclue where I can purchase it? Any suggestions?

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