Gaga for Polaroid

After a tumultuous few years, filled with constant questioning over the future of the Polaroid, lovers of this classic camera can sleep soundly again.

The Polaroid camera has officially been saved. The company has introduced a new camera and a new creative director alongside it.

The queen of excess, Lady Gaga, has jumped on board as creative director and will be appearing at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas on January 8, 2010 to talk about her relationship with Polaroid and what it will entail.

image from

The new Polaroid has an old look, with new technology. The PIC-1000 comes in a blonde 70’s style wooden exterior, complete with new features such as red-eye reduction, self-timer and flash.

For those less endeared by the 70’s aesthetic, an alternate look in a metallic plastic grey is also available.

image from

Thanks to the Impossible Project, a massive initiative by photographers and lovers’ of the vintage imagery the camera stands for, to stop the camera’s manufacturers abandoning Polaroid film, which has been deemed obsolete after the rise of digital photography.

Pricing and availability of the PIC-1000 are yet to be announced. 

-Elli Stuhler


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