Falling beautifully

photo from Yatzer

The prospect of falling has never looked so beautiful thanks to Karl Lagerfeld and his vivid imagination. Lagerfeld has teamed up with the directors behind Les Ateliers Ruby in order to create a line of eccentrically chick and flawlessly crafted collector’s headgear for motorcycle fashion.

photo from Yatzer

Who could have known a helmet was going to be revamped to become a new accessory in daily wear. Lagerfeld’s has four new takes on the pavilion helmet in his Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 collection.

phoo from Yatzer

These limited edition helmets are literally out of stock before they have been released for public purchase. The prices range from a black and white tweed at $1,739.05 USD to a black shiny mink covered helmet at $6,586.62 USD.  Lagerfeld incorporates terracotta coloured fabric embroidered with pearls and white Rex Rabbit fur on some of his more extravagant versions.

photo from Yatzer

But, Mr. Lagerfeld ,as usual has to take it up a notch and dedicated an external iPod pocket as a reminder of his love of gadgets. A little over the top, yes, but so is the need to create a line of helmets which goes beyond safety.

Les Ateliers Ruby and Karl Lagerfeld have found a way to add a little bit more flavour to the motorcycle world.

-Melissa S. Robinson


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