Free Chairs Planted on Manhatten Streets

What would you do if you saw a really funky, free chair sitting in the middle of the sidewalk? You would take a seat and test it out and then you would probably take it home.

At least, that’s what many New Yorkers did when they spotted one of the 25 chairs planted on the streets of Manhatten by the Blu Dot Studio.

Unlike your average free street junk, these chairs are modern, well-made, new, and painted in pretty colours like robin’s egg blue and bright red.

What the chair-takers didn’t realize was that they were being watched.

The Real Good Experiment was created by mono and the Blu Dot Studio to celebrate their SoHo store’s one-year anniversary.

The company bugged the chairs with GPS-tracking devices allowing them to find the homes where the chairs went. They then went to the new chair-owners homes and interviewed them about the culture of “curb-mining”— when something free and arty is found on the street.

It may sound a bit creepy, but the video the Blu Dot Studio produced is really interesting because they show us where and with whom the chairs end up. We get a peek into these peoples’ homes and we get to see how the chairs suit all of the different environments they end up in (great advertising, too!).

We definitely have our eye on the Blu Dot Studio now. Can’t wait to see what other shenanigans they come up with!

-Otiena Ellwand


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