A Little Mud In Your Coffee

Image from mudnyc.com

Who doesn’t love to hate Starbucks? Every over priced, highly corporate cup of coffee they sell is just too delicious to despise completely. I’m sure every coffee drinker reading this post has a wonderful local shop they swear by, but what happens when you’re not in your own neigbourhood?

Then we heard about Mud.

Not the post-rain, feels good between your toes kind, but rather the infamous New York coffee chain with the deliciously anti-establishment flavour.

The chain, which began operations out of a large orange truck, set out to create a “full, extremely complex, naturally sweet, highly caffeinated blend with low acidity and no bitterness”. Four years and many awards later, it is quite obvious they succeeded.

Their website is simple, visually pleasing and full of photographs, artwork and music suggestions so that even those residing outside of NYC can appreciate a little Mud culture.

Here’s to hoping it spreads outside the big apple (no pun intended).

– Alexa P Gray

Image from mudnyc.com


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