YesYesNo Has Bright Ideas

A building may look like a building, but by the time YesYesNo is done with it, it will look half like a playground, half like a nightclub and totally amazing.

image from

Their light installation “Night Lights” on the Aukland Ferry Building is not only very pleasing to look at but, also very fun to play with.  The show has three stages set up where viewers’ can interact using their hands, cell phones, or whole bodies.  The movements are then mimicked and amplified to be five stories tall.  YYN has created six scenes and plays them on an hour-long loop.  Their creation is visually astounding with its bright colours and creative use of viewer-involvement.

image from

YesYesNo is a three-person artist collective with offices in New York, London and Amsterdam.  Their speciality is interactive art and they can be commissioned for projects.  I wonder what they’d do to the Cheek offices…

Check out the video of “Night Lights” here.

-Emily English


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