Art inspired by the deep blue

photo from style

Alejandro Cardenas, the art director of Proenza Schouler, has a new art show titled “Narcomedusa,” opening up at James Fuentes LLC in New York.  Cardenas exhibit was inspired by a trip to the south, which helped birth the watercolor-gouache-and-ink paintings.

photo from style

The name Narcomedusa comes from is a type of jellyfish found deep in the Pacific Ocean. It lives 2000 feet below sea level  in complete and utter darkness.  You can definitely see the connection in the paintings. They are shrouded in black and just like the fish of the tropics there is a sharp contrast of vibrant colours.  Cardenas images look as though they were caught in the spot light of an oncoming submarine exploring the randomness and darkness of the sea.

photo from style

photo from style

The exhibit can be seen from January 29 to February 28.

– Melissa S. Robinson

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