Fashion bloggers on fashion bloggers

Fashion blogging is a phenomenon that, as Suzy Menkes, head fashion editor of the International Herald Tribune puts it, “has turned the fashion monologue into a dialogue.”

screen grab from video

This new format that the fashion world has slowly mutated into exactly what Mary Scherpe documents in a short film she recently posted on her fashion blog, Stil in Berlin.

The film asks the brains behind top blogs such as Facehunter, lesmads and The Coveted to share their thoughts and experiences in the field. One of the findings is the shift from blogs being independent little snapshots of an individual’s thoughts and ideas, to major beacons of influence.

According to Yvan Rodic of Facehunter, “every year there’s more brands, more media who want to involve bloggers in campaigns, in collaborations.”  Menkes refers to this as seeding. Blogs can be incredibly beneficial to companies who want to appear on the radar, due to the desirable demographic that pays attention to these blogs.

The idea of the fashion monologue being turned into a dialogues is one that is still developing rapidly and very currently. Designers such as Burberry are turning to facebook to promote their products, and streaming their runway shows for the world to see.

As Rodic puts it, 2010 is a very exciting year to be a fashion blogger. We couldn’t agree more!

Check out the video too

-Elli Stuhler



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