Bed Memories from Room 207

Take off your shoes and step into the unknown. Discombobulated by the mirrors on all sides, you walk down a hallway that gets thinner and shorter with each step. You wonder if there is ever an end to this fun house where all sides reflect you. Turn a corner and plop— you’ve fallen into the soft embrace of a bed.

This is not a dream, but an art installation put together by Richard Unterthiner and Paolo Ferrari as part of the 2010 Come Up to My Room alternative design event held at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto at the end of January.

“We wanted to delve deeper into what the bed represents for us,” said Ferrari, while lounging on the bed at the end of the glass hallway.

The artists started to collect anonymous bed experiences. People were free to post whatever they wanted, so of course some of the answers were overtly sexual. One of Ferrari’s favourites was neither about dreams nor sex, but this: “I’m an insomniac and the bed is the most frustrating object I own.”

Once your rest is over and you’ve read over all of the best bed memories floating like mobiles above your head, the glass hallway doesn’t seem as scary anymore. Instead, you feel refreshed and impressed by an installation that effectively merges dream and waking life.

-Otiena Ellwand


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