Phillip lands in Seoul

photo from dezeen

The talented Phillip Lim has opened up a flagship store in Seoul’s fashion district in the cheongdam area. The design is a reflection of Lim’s collection: structured, sophisticated, fresh and minimal.

photo from dezeen

The exterior texture of the building looks like a cascade of pillows made from concrete tiles. The interior of the four-storey structure is decked out in panels with protruding foam cones that explode into a constellation of brass stars, leather herringbone tiles and a floor that transitions through a gradient of grey tones.

photo from dezeen

The store is is comparable in beauty the clothes it houses. Lim’s South Korean flagship will carry the entire collection, which including kids wear, the organic go green go line, plus shoes, jewellery and accessories.

photo from dezeen

It is most definitely a must-stop-shop when in Seoul!

-Melissa S. Robinson


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