Spa of the sea

photo from wallpaper

Spa getaways are usually connected to buildings filed with aroma therapy, hot stone messages and facial. They are a woman’s oasis. Imagine getting that spa treatment in a more interesting place…like, say, a boat.

photo from wallpaper

Architect Sami Rintala has introduced the spa boat in Norway. The boat contains wood clad interior featuring a Turkish Hammam, Zen lounge with fireplace and a sauna with panoramic views of the sea, not too bad, not too bad at all.

photo from wallpaper

The Scandinavian vessel attributes don’t stop there, there is a hot tub is designed for mid winter lounging on deck and  for the more adventurous a high dive board

Can it get any better? Yes! Lastly, when spa-ing on this boat you have access to myriad of professional chefs ready to make you taste buds dance with delight.

This luxury spa located in the city of Tromso and has only been around for a year. The only question is why didn’t this brilliant idea come any sooner?

-Melissa S. Robinson



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