Charge more with less

Chargepod and Fueltank have released four innovative chargers and adapters designed to make modern life a little easier—think Slap Chop for computers.

The goal of these products is to power as many gadgets as possible with one chord or less a la “no strings attached”.

Charge your cell phone, camera, music players, and gaming systems at the same time with Chargepod’s Six-Way Mobile Device Charger. This isn’t your average power bar… it’s sleek and sexy and, really, how many people can say they’ve had a six-way with something like this?

Image from

If your keen on reducing cord-clutter check out Fueltank’s Rechargeable Portable Power. It’s practical, portable and only requires one chord when you charge the device itself.

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Get Charged.

-Tim Morse



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3 responses to “Charge more with less

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