Homes for the rich and homeless

photo from dezeen

Get artist and designer Kacey Wong on your radar.  His recent clash with brilliance is designing shelters for rich people who have lost their homes due to the economic crisis.

photo from dezeen

Not only do they look like robots from Famiglia Grande, but they also come in a variety of colours. The case unfolds and becomes a bed and a desk, and can be wheeled around on a trolley… talk about convenience!

photo from dezeen

His inspiration came from the recent economic tsunami that hit the rich and caused many to lose their fortune virtually overnight. The rich have feelings too, so Wong wanted to create these makeshift shelters so that they can live on the street and still maintain their image.

photo from dezeen

This is not the first time Wong’s work has been in the spotlight. His project called Paddling Homes and Tin Man No. 11 also received some media attention in the past two years.

photo from dezeen

There’s only a little bit of time left to catch Wong’s work, Paddling Homes, on display now at the 2009-2010 Hong Kong Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture.

-Melissa S. Robinson


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