Phoenix Island

photo from designboom

Introducing Phoenix Island— a man-made, luxury island to be created by MAD Architects. The site will be home to some and a coveted vacation destination for many.

photo from designboom

photo from designboom

Located in the centre of Sanya City, Hainan province, China, the exclusive island will have a seven-star hotel, five-boutique apartments, a yacht club house, shopping high streets and a harbour for international passenger boats. Sounds a little Dubai to us.

photo from designboom

Don’t try to make reservations yet— construction is due to finish in 2014. But from what we can tell, it looks like it’ll be worth the wait.

-Melissa S. Robinson



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3 responses to “Phoenix Island

  1. Wow. How beautiful. Looks surreal.

  2. I saw something about this on TV last night

  3. i would not have considered this had been remarkable a couple years in the past but yet its interesting the way in which age varies the method by which you perceive all types of concepts, many thanks regarding the write-up it is really pleasurable to look over something intelligent once in a while in lieu of the normal trash mascarading as information sites on the internet, cheers

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