Cooking in Cartoon

What’s stainless steal and lime green all over?

image from

Why, it’s the newly envisioned uber-eco friendly Ekokook kitchen by Faltazi Design. Though it’s in the pre-manufacturing stages, its appearance is enough to make the environmentalist chef’s heart flutter with glee.

This kitchen set is complete with hanging fans and energy efficient appliances. These hanging compartments offer owners of the Ekokook kitchen a venue for container gardening; supplying a perfect opportunity to grow fresh herbs right in the kitchen. The French design team even thought of fresh vegetable storage, water conservation and recycling. It also helps sort waste in three categories: solid, liquid and organic.

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Though this kitchen stands for the antithesis of the traditional rustic kitchen, it’s a well researched, future oriented, dream kitchen. With its sleek lines, bold colours and functionality, the Ekokook offers something bold for the forward thinking chef and eco-design buff.

-Elli Stuhler



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