Louboutin releases couture sneakers at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is always a blitz for the shoe-prone male dandies and this year saw some interesting additions to what is in store for spring.

French designer Christian Louboutin “kicked” off his men’s line this year by showcasing some couture sneakers, which have already been sported by hip-hop notable, Pharrell.

Image from nitrolicious.com

He continued his line with a pair of lace up dress shoes, which look almost too bright for Liberachi.

Image from nitrolicious.com

Contrast to those, American designer Michael Kors launched a pair of men’s shoes which go for a more simplistic style, minus the mirror on the toe.

Image from 00o00.blogspot.com

Spring is always fun for mens shoes, let’s just remember to wear sunglasses when admiring these winners.

– Tim Morse


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