Damien Hirst’s Psalm Prints

Between his incredible success and astonishing works of art, one can’t help but wonder what is Damien Hirst’s primary medium?
Having pieces named Away from the flock, The Golden Calf and The Virgin Mother and a last name only one letter away from the word Christ, it’s not too far off to suggest that Hirst’s source of inspiration is Christ himself.

Although he is widely known for his death thematics, his latest work is the complete opposite. Hirst’s Psalm Prints is a mixture from the butterfly collages of his larger paintings and the image of the original Psalm.

Even though it isn’t entirely original, it’s still amazing. The butterfly wings are separated and arranged as if a concentric configuration of geometric shapes and are placed as if ready for examination. The series also draws inspirations from the stained glass windows of Europe’s great cathedrals.  In addition, the branches and the arrangement of  the critters bring to mind the possibility of beauty in death. The Psalm Prints are definitely some of Hirst’s deepest work to date.

–Meghan Prosper


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