Helvetica you make good cookies

photo from wallpaper

Now you can eat your words, and like it.  Graphic designer Beverly Hsu has combined the ultimate food and typeface to create Helvetica cookie cutters.

Font as an art form is something we here at CHEEK fall over for and this is most definitely a typographic treat we can get behind.

photo from wallpaper

Hsu came up with the idea by simply wrapping aluminum foil around acrylic letter forms and a cookie cutter is born.
Hsu used Helvetica Bold for the frame of the cookies, because any smaller and the little letters would burn in the oven. But who can argue with getting a bigger cookie? Things happen for a reason and, more cookie, means more yum!

photo from wallpaper

Whatever works, Helvetica you make good cookies…!

-Melissa S. Robinson


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One response to “Helvetica you make good cookies

  1. That’s fantastic!!! I love it!

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