Kesh Kay + David Burrows = Dope Hennessy Campaign

Twenty-two year old, UK born fashion designer, DJ and vintage vixen Kesh has done it all. She has left her native Britain to venture to the Americas in pursuit of a different kind of happiness. Since moving, she’s managed to team up with David Burrows and produce an abstract art piece for an upcoming Hennessy campaign.

Despite her touring, celebrity endorsements and features everywhere from British Vogue to Current, she insists it’s not the glory she’s after.

“Fame, is something I do not want,” says Kesh. “I just want to be a respected artist and move through the wind inspiring the creative youths in the generations to come. Fame is an ugly thing nowadays. You gotta suck a dick or sell your soul. Don’t fall for it. It ain’t needed. Whilst your young keep a sharp tongue. It’ll help you stand up for yourself.”

This is just the beginning of a very interesting path for Kesh. Nation wide DJ tours, custom made t-shirts and now bottle art, who knows where her road may lead.

— Meghan Prosper


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