Dinner ware that make awe come to life.

photo from dezeen

Have you ever had that feeling of awe when a magnificent meal is place in front of you on a table? Well, Philip Design has teamed up with Spanish restaurant, Arzak, and have created *drum roll please* a series of tableware that glows when food is placed on it.

photo from dezeen

These amazing dishes are titled Multi-sensorial Gastronomy, whatever it’s called, it’s pretty damn cool. The dining ware includes a bowl, plate and serving plate that emit fragrances, vibrations and light in response to food being on their surfaces then fades.

photo from dezeen

The people at Philip Design want to evoke the senses and enhance your eating experience.

Anything to make a dinning experience more pleasurable is top notch in our books.

-Melissa S. Robinson


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  1. Interesting post, having a slight issue accessing the RSS feed. I would quite like to add your blog. Will try again tomorrow. Thanks again, Blaine S

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