Paul Smith redesigns a classic

Paul Smith is a man who has had women and men salivating over his designs and quirky use of stripes and colour for years. His designs are sharp, whimsical and easy to spot.

So when he teamed up with Stelton to celebrate the industrial design company’s 50th anniversary, you can bet design fans of both fields were eagerly anticipating what would transpire.

Stelton enlisted the help of Smith to renew its classic ‘Cylinda’ collection and create a limited edition series. Cylinda is collection of everything you need to make the perfect martini, including a martini mixer, ice bucket, pitcher and small coasters and was originally designed in the 1960’s by famous Danish architect, Arne Jacobsen.

Smith modernized ‘Cylinda,’ which resulted in him three different variations on the set by changing the handles. Smith introduced the Muted, Pastel and Bright Cylinda tea and coffee sets.

Bright model of Cylinda set. Image from

In addition to the three colour variation sets, Smith also introduced the ‘Statement’ set, which is darkened alloy with his signature handwriting touting statements like, “Take pleasure seriously,” and, “Start something new.”

Image from

As a final addition to Smith’s hand in the re-design of Jacobsen’s classic series,  Smith created a line of bowls, called ‘Dot’. The bowls continue the theme, coloured stainless steel, with practicality and elegance.

Image from

Smith posted on his blog that he was nervous when he was asked to redesign out of a profound respect for Jacobsen’s original design.

Smith’s design is not a huge departure from Jacobsen’s original design, but he certainly does add a new element to the collection.

Drink up.

– Tim Morse


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